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We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our operations. By utilizing cactus leather, we minimize the ecological footprint associated with animal agriculture and the harmful tanning processes used in traditional leather production. The nopal cactus, from which our leather is derived, requires significantly less water and land to grow, making it a renewable and environmentally friendly resource. We work closely with our supplier in Mexico who practices sustainable harvesting techniques, ensuring that our materials are responsibly sourced.

Here’s a breakdown of the process involved in making cactus leather:

These are some of the unique benefits of cactus leather:

Durable? Of course!
And also 100% honest

It’s important to note that while cactus leather is a more sustainable alternative to animal leather, it still requires resources and processes for production. However, it represents a huge step towards reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry and promoting more ethical and eco-conscious choices.Onderkant formulier

Also, we realize that not every part of our backpacks can be made from cactus leather. However, we have made every effort to use 100% recycled materials for the backs and lining of our bags.

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100% plantbased

Comparison CO2

Our leather

0 4kg CO2/m2

Animal leather

0 60.1kg CO2/m2

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